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welcome to nostalgia

an album visiting the past in a new way.

Diving deeper into what I embraced in the past through my love for music. Thanks to the Music Industry Development (MID), Program of Music-Musqie NB, I received the funding I needed to create "Nostalgia": a 10-track record of all original songs, each consisting of genre-defying works and genuine string arrangements that take a trip down memory lane in a new experience.

Winner of the
MNB Award's
"Recording of the Year"



listen to it anywhere.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music, Bandcamp, Pandora, Deezer. Click on "Learn More" to see where else you can listen to the album.


with the help of talented artists and supporters

Made possible with the help of the Music Industry Development (MID)
Program of Music-Musique NB

Production: Jaeyoung Chong

Vocals, Cello, Keyboard: Jaeyoung Chong

Flute: Claire Leslie-Turnbull

Guitar: Zach Bachand

Drums: Alec Victor (Aurum Waves Studio)

Mixing, Mastering: Patrick Martin (Aurum Waves Studio)
Album Artwork: Ariane Saulnier

Special Thanks: Sistema NB, Nicole Sénecal, Ben Levin

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